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Re: Yamoto Green

> From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Yamato green
> This liquid fertilizer comes in two flavors, one with nitrate and one
> without. It contains the following:
> Chelated Fe 0.1%, S 0.65%, Mg 0.4%, Mn 0.005%, K 0.8%, B 0.004%, Zn 0.005%,
> Cl 0.7%, Cu 0.0015%, Vitamins essential to plant growth, HCl (to prevent
> unwanted mold growth and to adjust pH), Molybdenum: trace amounts.
> YamatoGreen N ( potassium nitrate): Nutrients are identical to Yamato Green,
> except for the addition of 0.15% Nitrogen.

	That is, almost no nitrogen.  I doubt that one would ever detect
the difference in a tank with fish.

> The fact that they openly offer a Pot. nitrate derived product is unusual
> since most commercial companies are afraid of the product being labeled as
> causing algae outbreaks, he told me the following: "Plants do not directly
> consume nitrate as they do ammonia,

	O.K. so far.

> but we use a special chelating process
> to help make nitrogen more readily available to the plants.

	Looks like BS.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada