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RE: Rock Wool


My advice on the rock wool: forget it! First, you have no idea how many of
those rocks are on the endangered list, and it is hard for even the experts
to tell the difference. You are just asking for tank loads of trouble if you
are found to be shearing endangered rocks without permits. And the paperwork
and fees involved- unbelievable!

Second, the wool, even from same species rocks, is very, very variable in
quality. It takes a huge amount of preparation with highly specialized
equipment to make sure it is all of sufficiently stable and equal quality.
You're just wasting your time if you don't have the space and funds to do it

Wild gathered rocks are notoriously bad as far as quality is concerned. Too
many variables in their habitat, even in the same region, to be uniform. And
setting up and maintaining a really good rock garden is, again, expensive
and time-consuming.

All in all, I'd say you are much better off sticking with the wool you can
get from commercial suppliers- much more consistent in quality, less hassle
from the EPA and cheaper in the long run.


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