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RE: Rock Wool

Just wanted to say Thank you,

After reading the Rock Wool thread...I don't think I've laughed so hard in a
long time.  Although I am sure wooly rocks exist and are a great source for
wool, that whole shearing and euthanizing of the rock had me rolling.  I
must research this subject more on the web, for I in complete ignorance on
the subject of wooly rocks, but until then, I look forward...actually I
can't wait to read the next reply:)

Single stage shears, hahaa
American woollies or German woollies hahahahahaaaaa
environmental problem with non native wooly rocks bwahahahaaaa

(are these rocks going to reproduce like rabbits and fill the non native
landscape with rocks? covered in wool no less. ROFLMAO...

Sorry, I mean no disrespect, but you have to admit, not knowing what a wool
rock is, and reading this thread can be rather confusing...errr...in my case


Founder and member of the AWRSA
(Anti Wooly Rock Shearing Association)
Stop the indiscriminant shearing of innocent rocks, rocks feel pain too!!!