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Re: How does the medication Clout affect plants

I purchased four cardinal tetras last weekend, and noticed a couple of days 
ago that one had a raised white bump on its side.  I did not think much about 
it because it seems that healthy cardinals and neons are hard to find. That 
one died, and another one was pale, but again, I wasn't too concerned because 
all my other fish are so fat and healthy.  Well, to cut to the chase, 
yesterday I noticed four of my wonderful fish had the same type lesions, and 
this morning they were dead, plus two of the other cardinals.  It happened so 
quickly!  Just one day I noticed, and the next day they are all dead!  I lost 
my matriarch, a pregnant female swordtail. :o(  I also lost my biggest cherry 
barb, a dwarf rainbow, and a flame tetra.

Before they died, I was desperate and used the medication Clout, because it 
was all I had in the way of medication.  How does Clout affect plants?  Out 
of concern for my fish, I decided to worry about the plants later.  I plan to 
do a water change tomorrow, so what you tell me about Clout will determine 
whether I do a 50% change or a 75% change.  Also, I would love to know what 
they had if you have any idea.  I didn't feel I found answers on any of the 
sites about sick fish that I visited.

In mourning,