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Re: Apple Snails

I think that it would be the true definition of irony that the Apple Snails web site is causing your Macintosh to crash.  :-)

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> And on the apple snails, it basically depends what kind ya' got. There was a
> lovely site that explains which apple snails are mondo plant eaters and
> which will just sort of clean house. Your message reminded me of it.
> Apparently, it has moved to www.applesnail.net, but every time I have
> attempted that site since reading your message, my Netscape crashes. Not
> enough to disturb my little Mac OS8.6, but enough to keep me from reading
> about the snails which are a-okay for planted tanks. There are some apple
> snails that are fine, but gold *may* be a no-no. I got two figuring I would
> take a shot and see whether they were "okay" or not, and would up with a
> wonderful disposal system for unwanted plant trimmings. (Hornwort buggin'
> ya? Go for an apple snail! Fix ya right up!)


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