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Low KH

I want to raise the KH is to keep the CO2 concentration in the water between 
15-20 ppm without bringing pH down to 6.2. Right now with pH 6.6 and KH 1 my 
CO2 concentration is about 9 ppm acc. to a KH vs. pH graph.

Will this lower conc. of CO2 have a significant effect on plant growth? Does 
low KH have a significant effect on plant growth?

How much baking soda should be used to raise the KH a given amount. What is a 
good KH to shoot for? Will using baking soda to raise KH increase the 
concentration of CO2 in the water. Why do the charts become innacurate when 
buffers are used? Do they become totally useless or just a little off?

Thanks a bunch.