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Re: Kelvin Selection

This is going to ultimately depend on personal preference but here's my 
opinion.  I like the 6700K bulbs.  I've got a 90 gallon with 206 Watts 
of  AH Supply 6700K bulbs and a 55 with 110 Watts of AH Supply 5300K 
bulbs.  I'm ordering (today as it turns out) 6700K replacements for the 
55.  The 6700K should appear very white to your eyes.  Plant growth is good 
but I'm injecting CO2.  I think the lumen output of the 6700K bulb is 
greater than the 5300K.  If you decide to use the 5300K, let me know.  I 
can make you a hell of a deal on the bulbs so you'd just have to order the 
fixtures ;-)