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Re: Snails

Paul Kelley asks:
> My questions were: Snails; I have two striped ones almost 2" across and two
>  golden ones the size of marbles. Are my swords and crypts and Java's in
>  danger? Plants in general? I believe they've already eaten some white,
>  dangling roots.
Paul, I can't tell you definitely that your snails will or will not eat your 
plants.  In general, snails consume anything they can get in their mouths, 
and of course that includes plant material.  They also consume algae and 
detritis such as excess fish food that falls to the substrate.  I've had 
snails that were pretty rough on plants (usually pond snails), and I've had 
others (small Ramshorns, mostly) that seemed not to make a dent beyond 
keeping the leaves clean.  You'll have to watch the snails and see if your 
particular snails are damaging leaves or not.  The large Apple snails will 
consume a lot of algae, including BGA, so I am very tolerant of them so long 
as they don't start eating my prized Crypts.