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Re: Snails

"Paul Kelley, M.D." <NoleDoc at chartertn_net> wrote:

My questions were: Snails; I have two striped ones almost 2" across and two
golden ones the size of marbles. Are my swords and crypts and Java's in
danger? Plants in general? I believe they've already eaten some white,
dangling roots.

Everything that I have heard agrees with other info about the larger,
Columbian ramshorn snails being super plant eaters. If anybody knows
different on them, I'd sure love to hear it.

And on the apple snails, it basically depends what kind ya' got. There was a
lovely site that explains which apple snails are mondo plant eaters and
which will just sort of clean house. Your message reminded me of it.
Apparently, it has moved to www.applesnail.net, but every time I have
attempted that site since reading your message, my Netscape crashes. Not
enough to disturb my little Mac OS8.6, but enough to keep me from reading
about the snails which are a-okay for planted tanks. There are some apple
snails that are fine, but gold *may* be a no-no. I got two figuring I would
take a shot and see whether they were "okay" or not, and would up with a
wonderful disposal system for unwanted plant trimmings. (Hornwort buggin'
ya? Go for an apple snail! Fix ya right up!)

Anyway, short of it, try: www.applesnail.net

Also, just place the snails in a bowl with a plant trimming. If the trimming
disappears in a day or two, you know what you've got. If it doesn't, feed
the suckers.

-Nathan Wittmaier