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Re-Paludarium - ferns

Gabriella  wrote (There is a large fern (species unknown) in a hanging
planter above a 40
gallon aquarium.  Over time this fern has sprouted thin tendrilly type
things that 'seek' water.  Some of them have wended their way into the tank
and there are now several small fern plants growing in the aquarium
to bogwood.

Underwater, the ferns grow to a height of about 8 inches.  Some of the
fronds die but the fern plants are growing quite nicely.  Has anyone else
ever experienced anything like this or has anyone tried growing
'terristrial' type ferns in a tank?)

Wow I am fascinated by this, and have a ton of questions. Does the parent
fern have "typical" bosten fern type foligae? Does the submerged growth
look different than the emersed? How long have the babies survived? If the
tendrils are cut can the submersed growth survive? Could you post some
photos?? I have been wanting to put a plant filter along the back of my
open topped tank for a while now. If I knew what kind of fern could do this
that would be fantastic. Any info would be very cool.

theotherscotthudson at yahoo_com