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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #869


I bought one of the yellow snails that you seem to be describing.  I noticed him/her/it
devouring my crystal vals several times.  Needless to say, he now resides in my
non-planted tank.  I don't know if my experience is typical of that particular snail,

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:02:31 -0500
> From: "Paul Kelley, M.D." <NoleDoc at chartertn_net>
> Subject: snails and sales
> Masters of aquatic hydrodynamics and my fellow learners
> I purchased plants from Robert's Aqua Botanic and I eagerly await their
> arrival. I expect good stuff based on my observations regarding Robert's
> list input.  I'll keep you posted. Nice newsletter too. Thanks Robert.
> Seems my snail questions of several issues back were overlooked. Perhaps
> they were KIA by the FFF war. To whom it may concern advice from an old
> shrink... Lighten up, otherwise you might be thought of as being several
> bananas short of a pudding... unless of course you are from palm beach
> county. In that case, I cast my one and only vote for developing a sturdy,
> protective crust on that pudding.
> My questions were: Snails; I have two striped ones almost 2" across and two
> golden ones the size of marbles. Are my swords and crypts and Java's in
> danger? Plants in general? I believe they've already eaten some white,
> dangling roots.
> Thanks,
> Paul the NoleDoc
> Living and learning in the heart of
> the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.
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