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Nitrate Test Kit

I have a Red Sea Nitrate II test kit, and I have been getting very ambiguous
readings.  The kit has two tests: Test 1 is described as "a fast and
reliable test;" Test 2 is "a more accurate test."  Before a water change, I
got 15 ppm with Test 1 and only 2.5 ppm with Test 2.  After changing 1/3 of
the water, I got 10 ppm with Test 1 (that seems consistent), but, again, 2.5
ppm with Test 2.  The color differences are dramatic and easy to read.
Because these readings seem to straddle the optimum level, as I understand
it, I don't know whether to add a little nitrate or not.

I have written Red Sea for an explanation and/or advice, but have received
no reply as yet.  I'm wondering if one or more of you has had enough
experience with this kit to be able to advise me.  Thanks in advance.

John T. Fitch
E-mail: JTFitch at FitchFamily_com
Web Page: www.fitchfamily.com