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Re: Filter media question (apd v4 #859)

I ran an Aquaclear 200 filter as you describe, with only 2 foam blocks,
for a few years in a heavily planted tank without apparent problems.
After a discussion here some months ago on filterless tanks, I stopped
using it in favor of a single power head (20g long tank) with a sponge
prefilter, and found my CO2 levels increased, without any surface film 
occasionally discussed here in the past.  The Aquaclear is now running 
at it's slowest setting on my 10g quarantine tank.

You wrote:
> I have a Aquaclear 300 mechanical filter on the back
> of my tank.  This is the only filtration.  There is a
> powerhead in the tank, but solely for a little
> current.  The intended media for the Aquaclear is a
> foam block, a bag of carbon, and a bag of ammonia
> remover.  I have elminated the carbon and ammonia
> remover and keep two foam blocks instead.  This way I
> can clean one at a time to keep the biological
> filtration strong.
> Anyone see any problems with this?  I was afraid of
> what the two media bags would strip out of the water. 
> Improvements?