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Re: Miller's FFF Musings

Dwight wrote:

> So...if you were fully aware of the fact that single-sex arrangements of
> Females and Non-breeding males or Females w/ juvenile males are in fact the

Here's a hint:  Maybe he figured it out after the fact.   You certainly don't
make enough of a point of this when pushing your "FFF".

> To the best of my knowledge, Dwarf Cichlids [for example] mostly make good
> community fish.  

I could not disagree more.   I think of cichlids in species tanks.  It didn't
take much reading for me to know that they wouldn't be a good choice for
a community tank.

> A "Tough-Short-haired-algae".."Thrives in dim light".. Doesn't that sound
> like STAGHORN algae or some BBA variant?  Whoever heard of TOUGH hair
> algae??  Personally, I've never had a problem w/ this algae so I can only

BBA is very tough, and I often see you pushing FFF over the SAEs which do 
indeed eat BBA.  

> algae?) the nebulousness of your first "algae" description can be
> interpreted several ways.

And the nasty tone of your responses here can only be interpreted a few....

Chuck Gadd