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re: Nutrient question

> From: MattJasper at aol_com 
> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 14:57:35 EST 
> So, I can get the Mg I need from the Epsom salts. BUT what about the B? Well, 
> for reasons best known to my granny we have a box of Boric Acid BP (for 
> inflamed eyes, apply as a hot fomentation, avoid raw or weeping areas, sonny 
> boy).  Now I know it's probably not advisable to add this straight to the 
> water (a discourse on borate buffers and their effects anyone?) but, oh, 
> wait a minute, if I react this stuff with magnesium *metal* I'm gonna get 
> magnesium borate and hydrogen, right? So provided this magnesium borate 
> isn't too basic and is water soluble, I could add that and correct the B 
> deficiency and the Mg deficiency at the same time? kill 2 birds with 1 stone? 
> and add extra Epsom salts if the Mg is still deficient? 
> What do y'all think? Sound chemical reasoning, or am i going to fail my 
> inorganics exam on Monday?

Bzzzzzt!   Boron is only needed in much smaller trace amounts than
magnesium.  Just add a pinch of boric acid or borax to the PMDD mix
and use epsom salts for the Mg.  The borate buffer will be totally
overwhelmed by all the other ions present in the mix.

Best regards,