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Re: Florida Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)


>two for my 38 gallon.  Let's just say that these are NOT my favorite fish.   
>I find them to be very aggressive compared to my community fish.  They have 
>reduced one of my small angelfish to "stumps", and chase everyone else. My 
>corys show damage from them too.

Sounds like you've got a male defending a nest.  When they are breeding,
the male will chase others away.  THis can be a problem in small-mid size
aquariums though its not a problem for larger well planted tanks.  The
solution is to separate males from females BEFORE they breed.  

They will also nip some softer plants w/in the nesting area. Not a major
deal if the plants are established and qrowing well.  For example: On
balance, a few nipped leaves here and there in an otherwise free aquarium
that was once overrun with hair algae is but a small price to pay.  FFF are
still by far the most efficient hairalgae consumers currently in aquaria.

Currently, I have three FFF in a 55gal under Co2 w/ some of the more
delicate species; hairgrass, Rotala wallichi, a new batch of glosso etc and
I do not feed the FFF.  They must exist on whatever hair algae or plant
strands they can scrounge up yet plant growth is robust! 

These babies (the FFF) are my pride & joy. I would never think of setting
up a new aquarium again w/o these little guys as part of the crew.  If its
a community aquarium full of push-overs, then use females.  At WORST, the
male FFF is nowhere near as aggressive or persistent as say, Tiger barbs.
The FFF will also hold their own against more aggressive species like
cichlids.  Usually by swift avoidance or hiding.  At BEST a small school of
FFF schoaling amoungst Discus, Danios, Dwarf Cichlids, Gouramis and catfish
in a hairalgae free aquarium is a beautiful sight to behold.


>I bought one Jordanella floridae Saturday, and a few ghost shrimps, >to
>take care of the green algae that is overrunning my 10 gallon tank. I
>think the fish is a female; she was the only "Florida Flagfish" at >the
>LFS.  They say they should get some more in next week, and they say 

They work miracles against hair algae.  But what's this "green algae"
you've got?  

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