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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #856

-If cost is a big concern try laterite (like Karl's) and 2-3mm diameter
sand. You'll
-get better growth and health from the flourite though but each work like a
-charm every time. I've done the Kitty litter and osmocoat thing in the past
-so I can compare the methods quite well. The Flourite is the easiest,
-simplest and best performing method there is. It certainly will help anyone
-beginning in this hobby much more successful in this area. Try the sand and
-laterite if you don't do this.
-Tom Barr

A couple of questions on this comment from a previous post.
I am returning to the Aquaria Hobby after a 15 year absence.  So I am still
gathering information.
I am in the process of setting up some Planted aquariums, My main will be a
37 gallon.  and secondaries will be a 29 gallon, those to follow later, once
the main is complete and stable.  My main question is, I am interested in
creating a  substrate that will give longevity to the aquarium and the many
plants it's going to house.  Since I am starting out, there are alot of
expensenses so I am in a waay watching how much it costs.  I have yet to see
Flourite in the Stores.  can anyone   give me more information on this.

Also I cannot find any aquarium shops with 2-3mm gravel (sand), anyone know
of a good local source of this size gravel in the TampaBay area in Florida?
I'm a touchy feely buyer,  I like to see it, know what it's made of, before
I go blindly buying 30Lbs of it to put in my tank.  Once I know it's waht I
want, then I try other sources. Can anyone send me a sample of this gravel
with their source?  I am looking for a medium to dark brown color (natural)
but want something good for the plants and aestetically pleasing to me. If
so just blast me a private e-mail, or if your local let me know.

Also if there are any aquarists in the Tampabay area willing to donate some
nice plant clippings to place into my new tank setup once it's been cycled.
Only found one source locally for a few plants. (Clearwater)  Haven't really
 looked TOO hard.