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Re: yeast CO2 discovery

Matt Jasper wrote:

> I dont't know what you guys put in your yeast co2 botles, but (until now)
> mine only ever lasted at most 5 days.

That's easy: tap water, white sugar and active dry yeast.  The mix lasts
a month to 6 weeks, but I change it every month or so whether it needs
it or not.

The production rate is initially very high. CO2 production drops off
more-or-less exponentially over time, but continues for quite a while. 
If your batches are lasting less than 5 days, then you're doing
something wrong.  Check your generators for leaks.  With a leak, you may
get enough production when the batch is new to exceed the amount that
leaks, then when the production rate drops a little it appears to
suddenly stop.  The yeast is still producing, but the CO2 is all leaking
instead of getting into the tank.

Roger Miller