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Re: Plants for a Blackwater Tank

Edward Venn asked for suggestions on plants that might be suited to a
warm, blackwater tank with peat-treated RO water at pH 5.8.

I've never kept a tank that comes anywhere near those parameters, but
it's an interesting challenge.  Having never done it, what follows is
mostly just brainstorming.

In nature, low pH blackwater swamps are not especially fertile.  If I
tried providing those conditions in a tank I'd probably start by bagging
the tried-and-true approach for a planted tank.

I think I'd try a rich substrate -- probably fine-grained soil --
covered with a layer of dead leaves, or maybe peat.  Leaves would be
more authentic but peat would be more stable.  Mosses might grow well,
otherwise I'd try to plant with emergent plants; probably grass-like
plants likes sedges, hair grass, or rushes.  Maybe acorus would grow
well in that setting; perhaps water lilies.

Roger Miller