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RE: UV & disease - not algea

I need some input from those with experience with UV Sterilizers.  I very
seldom have algea problems but occassionally over the years have an outbreak
of ich or fungus.   I do not like using medications or increaseing the temp
in my planted tank and am thinking of investing in a UV unit.  I searched
the archives here and the Krib - all of that info seemed to be directed to
why or why not to use a UV in regards to algea.    What I want to know is -
will the sterilizer take care of any disease problem without having to also
use medications?  - and -  can anyone tell me what an appropriate
"time-dose" is to eradicate disease - I certainly do not want to run the UV
all the time - just in place of medications.   Thanks for your help.

Kevin Reavis
Burlington, NC