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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #846

I'm in the process of replacing a 27 W Lights of America PC lamp. The lamp is 
running in a CustomSealife SeaLights fixture over a six gallon tank. I saw a 
36 W lamp by Lights of America that will fit into this fixture and was 
wondering if it was safe to use it. Are ballasts wattage specific or will an 
extra 9 W not matter? Also does anyone know what color temp these lights burn 
at? Does anyone know a company that makes 36 W linear quad PC lamps that burn 
at 5000K? BTW, if your thinking that seems like a lot of light for a small 
tank there is an article on the krib that recommends even more than that.


PS I decided not to bleach my tank from the responses I got from this list. 
Thanks all who responded.