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In my opinion, every aquarium club library should include "Aquarium Plants
Manual" by Ines Scheurmann. An inexpensive Barrons book ISBN: 0-8120-1687-4.
It has an excellent selection of full-color photos and a chapter on setting
up a Dutch Aquarium.

Others that you might want to consider are:
 Baensch Aquarium Atlas
 System for a Problem Free Aquarium (Dennerle)
 A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants by Barry James
 The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants by Algayer and Teton

Bill Westbrook

> Can anyone recommend books for the following topics, the aquarium club
> I belong to are looking to expand their library, but are unable to locate
> anything that can be considered satisfactory:
> Plant identification and care
> Aquascaping
> The technical information can vary from newbie to expert
> Any suggestions would be appreciated
> Thank-you for your assistance
> Gaets