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More on Home Depot / Costco lighting

Thanks to everyone that replied to my original question about the CF (PC?) 
lights at Home Depot, on and off the list. I did a little more research on 
the manufacturers websites, and here are the details, including what looks 
like a great deal.

Numbers 1-4 are all CF lights with 'screw in' adapters, no ballasts needed. 
5 and 6 include the ballasts.

1) Most of the GE lights are 2700K. Triple Biax 13-42W, Spiral 17-27W, 
Dimming 29W and CFL2D 38W.
2) I could not find the GE single bulbs on their website, they range from 
5W to 13W. These did not seem to have the 'yellow' light that the others had.
3) The Lights of America Twister are 2800K, wattage 15, 20, 25.
4) Philips makes bulbs up to 5000K, but I could only find soft white, 2700K

---- Note that the above lights do not appear to be good for a planted or 
reef tank, too low in color. Too bad, because the CFL2D is on sale for 
7.90, and is 38W ! ----

5) Lights of America makes a bulb called 'Fluorex', it is supposed to be 
6700K. This bulb with an outdoor fixture, a 65W CF, reflector and ballast 
is only $29.99. It must be a regional item, my local store does not carry 
it... the sales clerk was going to try to order one for me. Model number is 
9266, and it has 'Fluorex' written on the box.  There was a discussion 
about these on the reefkeepers mailing list. The light is so bright it 
resembles MH.

6) Costco in Santa Barbera apparently carries the above light for 19.99, 
only difference is the color of the case. Model number is 6065 (65 Watts of 
6500K, a ballast, reflector and watertight case for less than  $20! )  This 
was also noted on the reefkeepers list, but I don't have a Costco near me.

Hopefully this will help someone looking for an inexpensive lighting system.
FYI, Lights of America's website is: