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Re: PAM and Profile

Lobos <lobos0331 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Subject: PAM & Profile
> The first part of this question is for Dave Gomberg.

Since I did the anaylsis, I could probably answer your questions 
best. But, Dave can chime in any time.

> In the PAM issue where you post Jamie Johnson's
> article on the analysis of substrates, was the Profile
> you used the old Profile (finer material with grey
> matter in it) or the new Profile (which is actually
> Turface)?  From the description in the article it
> sounds as though the old Profile was analyzed.  If
> this is true I take it the Turface valves are what
> should be used for the new Profile.

The Profile I anaylzed _was_ the small stuff. It looked like a handful 
of large, grey sand (~ 1mm). The Turface was larger, the size of 
gravel or Flourite. That's the stuff you see at WalMart.

> And now the 2nd part:
> I am planning on using the Profile Clay Soil
> Conditioner in a new tank I am setting up.  I tested
> the soil by placing some (about 2 inches) in a cup and
> then rinsing it with water (3x).  I then let the water
> sit for 24hrs and tested the pH and KH.  Every 24hrs
> after that I tested the KH and pH and then rinsed the
> Profile 3x with tap water.  Here is my data:
> 24hrs
> Tap water: pH 7.62, KH=4
> Profile water: pH 8.1, KH=5
> 48hrs
> Tap water: pH 7.62, KH=4
> Profile water: pH 8.02, KH=5
> 72hrs
> Tap water: pH 7.63, KH=4
> Profile water: pH 7.62, KH=5
> The 96hr (4 day) readings were the same as the 72hr.
> I am testing the pH with a Corning Digital pH meter
> that is calibrated and the KH with the Tetra kit.
> My ? is, why is the pH 8.0 if Profile and Jamie
> Johnson state the pH should be 6.2-6.5.

Reported values (Profile = 7.0, Turface = 6.2). I took ~10g of 
substrate, no rinsing (natural state), and added 10-15ml DI water. 
No rinsing because the majority of the stuff I tested would wash 
away with rinsing; so everything got treated equally. The DI water 
we use at work is run through 5 resin/carbon/post/pre-filtered units 
and has nothing but H2O in it. There is no initial pH value for DI 
water. It takes on a pH after mixing with a soil or solution with a 
pH. What my test told was the pH of the substrate only. I'm afraid 
your's measured the water + the substrate. You confirmed the fact 
that neither change the pH at all, especially if the water's slightly 
alkaline. Your water started with a pH value because it has a 
descent amount of alkalinity. That alkalinity will keep your pH 
stable at about the values you posted. It's best to experiment with 
DI water. RO water will suffice, but sometimes RO water's not as 
pure as DI. 

If you fill your tank (w/ a Turface substrate) with DI water, the pH 
should fall to ~6.2 after a day or two of acclimating, especially if 
the Turface is disturbed during filling. It seems that the Turface may 
have added a slight amount of alkalinity to your tests, but for a pH 
of 6.2, I would think the amount is real small. Since it has little dK, 
the pH will bomb out after a few fish are added and some waste is 

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC