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No Subject

	I was wondering if there is a consonance, of which manufacture to
use concerning test kits. I have been using Hagen for some time now and was
wondering if they are held in high or low regards toward accuracy.
	Also if I am using r.o. water (Phx water is quite hard). If  I add
equilibrium and Flourish am I asking for trouble, in regard to doubling up
on the elements, possible algae & BGA out breaks? Having a bout with bga
right now. : (
	100 gal, semi-planted (the entire area is not covered with plants
but have at least 20-30 plants mostly bulbs all are growing well), . Induced
Co2, florish iron, florish and excel (half dose), 1/2 florite, lighting is
two 175 watt MH. temp is around 79 deg. KH & GH is 40 - 60 PPM.   2 botias,
1 transparent knife, 1 chocolate pleco. N02 & N03 & NH4 show nil, P also is
also low. As I can not tell you about the N & K, I am assuming that is where
my problem lies.
	 Am I correct in my assumption or am I totally out of bounds? 

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