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The Lamotte spoon IS 0.1G (albeit, not a teaspoon).

Now Steve makes sense (lose the reference to Teaspoon).

>I previously wrote...

The only confusing part in the information was the amount of P to add:

Steve's article says:"One-quarter of a 1/10th gram teaspoon per 50 gallons
(total tank size) once or twice per week" which is about as clear as mud.

I have a 1g spoon in my Lamotte Nitrate test kit which is the 1/4 the size
of a pea. I cannot fathom how small a 1/10th gram 'teaspoon' is, and trying
to get a quarter of that would be almost impossible.

Your article is a little clearer states "Steve Dixon adds it by using K2PO4
at the rate of .2ppm or so or about an 1/8 of a gram (about one spoon full
of those NO3 power reagent spoons in test kits) for each 1/4 teaspoon of

So I added one little 1/16" micro-pebble of PO4 from Lilly Miller's P205
(@45%) "Super-phosphate".

- - Jeff