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Survey: Wishlist

Hey everyone,

Ok, here's the deal: I'll be entering my senior year in July of this year 
and I have to start thinking of my senior project NOW. I have to design and 
build something electronic for my senior project. Since I'm taking 
Electronics Engineering and I'm in the planted tank hobby, I decided to 
incorporate both into my senior project. So here is the question-

If you could invent,design,create anything electronic in your aquarium, what 
would you build?

Me and my partner have played w/ the idea of building a mini sub for the 
aquarium. This sub would have a video camera built-in that would either hook 
up to your TV or computer. This way you can get a "fish-eye view" of the 
aquarium. We were also playing w/ the idea of installing a "night-vision" 
aspect to the sub. This way one can station the sub somewhere and watch what 
goes on in the dark inside the aquarium.

This sub will also have miniature extendable arms. We were playing w/ the 
idea of having the user wear gloves that would control every movement of the 
robotic arms. Whatever the robotic arms "feel" you would also be able to 
"feel". Other aquatic tools can also be installed in this sub like scissors 
for whenever the user would need to trim and also a tweezer to plant either 
substrate fertilizers or plants. We also thought of installing "water 
cannons" in the sub. This can be used for a variety of uses like shooing 
away curious fish or moving mulm to where the filter can pick it up.

One problem that we ran into w/ this sub is our miniaturization capability. 
Will we be able to make this sub small enough to be able to work in the 
forest-like environment that most of our tanks have?? That's a fun problem 
that we have to solve. I'm aware that our idea isn't very marketable since 
it's just a toy that those of us who are high-tech junkies would like (Mr. 
Booth? :D). Soooo... what are some of your ideas? Let your imagination run 
wild!! Think of anything electronic that you would love to have in your 

***Please e-mail me offlist with some of your ideas***

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