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Re: KH bigger then GH ?

Juergen Scheele wrote:

> I am not a chemist, therefore I digged out some literature on the
> subject,
> the professionals on the list may put it together in a more
> "understandable" way.

Thanks for doing the book work, Juergen

> "In 90% of all natural waterbodys, GH is bigger then KH.
> The KH is normally 80% of GH.
> The condition KH bigger then GH is undesirable and switches the
> Ionen spectrum physiological."
> Krause-Aquarium Water

I'll agree that larger differences between GH and alkalinity are fairly
rare in natural water (particularly in surface water).  But fairly rare
conditions don't necessarily create problems.  Incidentally, I think
something in your quote above got lost in the interpretation.  Is there an
alternative wording for "Ionen spectrum physiological"?


> Long-term consequences  for maintaining a closed eco system under these
> conditions
> are documented. (GH smaller KH )

What are the consequences, or symptoms of the imbalance?  I've
continuously maintained tanks on my tap water (hardness 1 degree,
alkalinity, 7-8 degrees) for as much as 13 years and I don't have any
problems that I would attribute to GH being much less than alkalinity.
Perhaps if I knew what the symptoms were then it would turn out that
problems I attributed to other causes were actually related to that

Roger Miller