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Re: Prime and dechlorinators, heavy metals vs. nutrients

Which brings me to a question:

Can you mix ammonia and a product like this that binds ammonia, and add the mixture to the tank to feed the plants, since (as I understand it) plants can take up ammonia better than nitrates?

-- Stephen

> >chloramine?  Does "Prime" cover chloramine as well?
> yes, it removes chloramine.
> >  What about products that claim to "break the chloramine bond"?
> >Isn't that like adding ammonia to the tank?
> No, breaking the "chloramine bond" converts chloramine into ammonia
> and chlorine, but then Prime reduces the chlorine to chloride and
> complexes with the ammonia, thereby "removing" the ammonia. The
> plants or bacteria eventually remove this ammonia-Prime however, so
> you don't need to worry about this building up.
> - -Greg Morin