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KH bigger then GH ?

Roger S. Miller wrote

"Why is that?  Alkalinity (KH) in my water is seven or eight times
than my GH and I've never attributed problems to that ratio.  I *really*

don't see a reason for prescribing KH that is 70% to 80% of the GH."

Well Roger,
I am not a chemist, therefore I digged out some literature on the
the professionals on the list may put it together in a more
"understandable" way.

"In 90% of all natural waterbodys, GH is bigger then KH.
The KH is normally 80% of GH.
The condition KH bigger then GH is undesirable and switches the
Ionen spectrum physiological."
Krause-Aquarium Water

Anionen            GH            KH
GH bigger KH                Ca2+                  HCO3-
2       :        1
SO42-                20              10

GH equal   KH                Ca2+                  SO42-
1                1
HCO3-               15              15

GH smaller KH               Ca2+                  SO42-
1                 2
HCO3-               10              20

Baensch Atlas # 1

Long-term consequences  for maintaining a closed eco system under these
are documented. (GH smaller KH )
Well, if you allow me to use your own words,
this is eventually "more then every one needs to know"

'hope I still stay correct ?!?