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Re: problems

I sent the message detailing my tank and its problems
when I was out of town.  I left Thursday night and got
back today (Tuesday).  I was writing about the
problems as they were when I left.    

While I was away, I had someone dose the tank for me.
No kno3 was added during this time.  Slightly less
iron than usual was added.

My kh is 5.  I don't add pure distilled water except
for the occasional topoff.  I add calcium carbonate in
the form of powdered tablets (plus the magnesium

I was thinking that the Flourish Excel would fill in
the co2 gap.  The only other problem is that the
Duetto filter tends to clog and not send the co2 out
as well.  If I get another one, that should help move
the water.  

The algae that I saw before I left is almost totally
gone.  It was mostly limited to the stargrass.  the
leaves that were affected before are even blacker,
although new algae free non-blackened leaves have
appeared.  My Veronica is turning whitish for some
reason.  I'm a bit puzzled.

Thanks, Cavan

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