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Re: Mercury Vapour lighting

>is there much of a difference between mercury vapour lighting and metal
>halide lighting?
>i have an opportunity to purchase a HQL mercury vapour light for about 200+
>SGD. Is this a good buy,
>considering the light is manufactured by Bioplast? bioplast OEMs dupla's
>MHs FYI . . .

YES! There is a BIG difference. It has to do with the spectrum mostly, 
although electrically the bulbs aren't exactly the same. The Mercury vapor 
lamps have a very concentrated blue spectrum. Not sure what the color temp 
is, but it would be VERY high and the spectrum would be very heavily 
weighted on the blue end (like an actinic blue lamp but no where near as 
extreme). When you see these lamps used outside they have a bluish halo to 
them. Personally I see mercury vapor as a blue-ish version of the orange 
sodium vapor lamps.

Metal halide lighting provides a much more balenced spectrum. The MH lamps 
have some other exotic chemicals added to them to give them a more balenced 
spectrum and thus a better, more sun-like light. You will also find that 
there is a much better variety of MH lamps to choose from in terms of color 
temp and spectrum.

BTW, there are probably much more economical MH setups available than those 
that Dupla sells :-)