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RE: Amano shrimp and Discus

Has anyone had any experience with Amano shrimp and discus?  Are the amano
shrimp expensive?  I am starting over with my plant & discus tank after a
long bout with depression and really excited about rebuilding my show tank.
My Ice-Cap ballast failed yesterday after 3 years.   I called them and they
told me to mail it to them and they would fix it and send it back - I was
impressed with their customer service.   I can't start adding plants till I
get my light back, which I hope will only be a few days.  I've been
collecting red slate and cork bark to make a custom background.  I am going
to silicone the stuff to thin glass plates and slid the plates in the back
of the tank - that way I can remove the background in pieces if it becomes
necessary to do so for any reason and I won't be stuck with the rock and
cork permanently on the tank.   I am going with crypts and anubias and lower
light this time around.  Any suggestions on where to purchase the best mail
order plants these days?   I'm glad to see that this list continues to be a
strong healty community of plant loving people - it's been about a year
since I tuned in.  I've got some catching up to do, but it is good to be

Kevin Reavis (i'm a "she", not a he)
Burlington, NC