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Re: My filter satisfaction...

Thanks for all the help and input!!

From all the responses I got, it seems as if the Eheim has a lot of fans out
there.  Which is the easiest maintenance version, the Eheim classic, or the
pro?  Maybe I could set the spraybar at the bottom of the tank on one side,
and have the intake at the other end, and sweep the mulm right out of the
way.  If the Eheim happens to be an easy clean, I wouldn't mind the extra
maintenance.  Now, about sponge prefilters...  I'm sure I could hide a big
one with a plant maze.  Right now, on the powerhead, I have the one I could
find in a LFS.  It was originally 2 inches in diameter and 6 or 7 inches
long, but I cut it in half to have two smaller ones.  Anyone know where I
can find a good source of sponges online?  Right now, I have just white sand
on the bottom, fertilized with jobes sticks (thanks to whoever I bought them
from!! :) occasionally.  Seems to be growing a lot of my plants (chiefly
swords and val, and some unidentified lily-types) well, but I can't keep
microsword or chain sword alive long enough for it to have the same luck.  I
can always have nice carpets of the stuff in my dreams. :) Maybe it's the
hardness, although maybe not if Tom Barr can grow tanks like his with
410-440 ppm hardness!  You have FISH in those tanks, Tom? :)