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Re: Ca and Mg levels with RO water

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Jay Reeves wrote:

> What are people using RO water remineralizing and increasing KH  with?
> I have been using Kent RO Right to remineralize and Kent pH Stable to
> add KH.  Probably not a problem with the RO Right, however, pH Stable
> contains carbonic acid monosodium salts.  I have been adding baking soda
> as well to get to 3-4 KH.

"carbonic acid monosodium salts"?  I think that *is* baking soda.  Of
course, Kent couldn't just say that.

> In looking over past postings I saw
> references to adding CaCo3 (calcium carbonate?) to increase hardness and
> that this available from the drug store.  What product?

Calcium pills from the grocery store (read the ingredients, get the one
that comes closest to pure CaCO3 -- it's usually a cheap brand), marble
chips from a nursery or oyster shell.  They all work.

> Minneapolis gets water
> from the Mississippi River whereas suburban communities have well
> water.  Water quality, not economics, is the determining factor in this
> disparity.  I will continue to consider tap water, but plan on
> continuing use of RO until I get a better handle on things.

My bet is that Minneapolis tap water is fine and that RO water is a waste
of your time and money.

Roger Miller