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Chuck Gadd comments:
> Only downside to the DC wall-warts is that they take up too much
>  space on the powerstrips.  
The other problem is that they are energy inefficient in that they are 
"always on."  Whether being used or not, when they are plugged in, they are 
pulling current.  This doesn't sound like a big problem, but over a 365 day 
year the energy pulled is significant.  Still, if the little power cube was 
on a switched outlet so that it was "off" at night when the lights weren't 
on, then you could certainly use it.  But don't forget that with a computer 
fan, you're not going to move a lot of air.  Even a 115VAC muffin fan is 
pretty anemic when it comes to amount of air moved.  You can never get 
something for nothing.