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Re: DC Power Supply

> You guys get the fans from computers, you could also get the power supplies
>  from the computers, you can probably find old ones for free from someones
>  old Pentium 133 machine.  Plus I'm not sure on this but computer power
>  supplies deliver a ground
>  +12v, +5v, and something else so you may be able to hook up a switch to run
>  a fan on the 5 volts to make it slower and quieter and then switch over to
>  12volts for when you're at work or something, just a suggestion.
A good suggestion.  I believe the original stumbling block was radio and TV 
interference from switching power supplies, and a source of pure DC current 
that did not cause TV interference was being sought.  Unfortunately, computer 
power supplies are switched power supplies, so you're back to square one.  
Still, they do come in nice metal cases, and filtering would be possible if 
there was a problem.  The other stumbling block is that some people say they 
are not electronically inclined.  I hesitate to recommend computer power 
supplies to them, since some bit of knowledge of electronics would be 
required to adapt them.  But still, a good suggestion.  The other problem, of 
course, is that computer fans really don't move much air....