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Re: Your suggestions for lighting please

It was previously mentioned that MH pendants are best for lighting a 2x2
tank. From my experience, a 175watt lamp would be more than adequate to
light a 2x2 area. I have a 250watt pendant lighting a 1x4 tank and it is
more than adequate although much light spills out the front and back.
Its not ideally efficient. 

I'm pretty sure you could light a 4x4 tank or anything smaller with a
250 watt MH pendant quite nicely. If you build front and back mylar
sheilds, you could focus the light even more effectively into the tank.

I know folks who use the horizontal mount bulbs under channel shaped
reflectors quite nicely over large rectangular tanks. You really need a
big tank to warrant this much light. 

If the tanks are small (say 20 gal) size, its best to put them end to
end and use the 4 foot compact fluorescents with a good reflector. Two
bulbs over 2 20 gallon tanks is more than adequate if you have a decent
reflector. The reflector makes all the difference. Without the
reflector, two lamps is adequate to grow Bacopa, Java Fern and Crypts
but not high light plants. Look for large sheets of reflective mylar at
your local hydroponics outlets.
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