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Re: All that green algae

<< Keep up with the water changes and keep the nutrients in balance, 
 and that's about all you can do, other than cutting back on some 
 Jamie    <"\\\><
I have notice the green stuff grows more on the back half of the tank where 
the light strip is located.  I have a master test kit, and all the values for 
ammonia and nitrites, etc are low.  I do have a heavy fish load.  It is a 38 
gallon tank, ph of 7.4, KH of 7.  I am just getting started and just added my 
first DIY bottle of CO2 this week.  I don't have a ton of plants yet to 
compete with the algae.  I am waiting for a canister filter to arrive before 
I order a bunch of plants.  No way would I use most of the plants I see in 
the local pet stores, they are coated in what I think is hair algae, or they 
are rotting away-- your only two choices! :o)
Scraping is a pain, so if there is anything I can do to my water to 
discourage green algae, let me know!
Catherine, Queen Newbie