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Re: Computer fans

> I too would like some information on connecting small computer fans to
>  my hoods, but I have significantly less electrical knowledge than Rod.
>  If someone wouldn't mind explaining to me exactly how to take a computer
>  fan with those tiny little wires (I warned you I don't know much about
>  electrical things) and make it so that I can plug it into the wall, or
>  point me to where I might find such information, I would greatly
>  appreciate it.

You'll need a 12 volt DC power supply to drive the fan.  Your choices are to 
either build your own power supply, or buy one on the commercial market.  
Since I made a recommendation and caught flak over it, I'm going to switch my 
recommendation to simply avoid computer fans and get a 115 VAC muffin fan.  
They require no power supplies at all.  Just splice in a regular line cord 
and plug it in.