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Re: DC Power Supply Help

> Somebody have mercy and clue me in on where I can buy
>  a power supply that runs on 120VAC, outputs 12VDC with
>  enough amps to run a small fan, does not use a lot of power,
>  and doesn't get very hot.  Part numbers would be nice.
>  I'd be grateful.
Believe it or not, the prices you encountered at Radio  Shack aren't all that 
out of line.  The days of hobby surplus stores, where you can just hop down 
and buy a suitable transformer and components for $2 or so are long gone.  
Components today can get a bit costly.  I don't have a Radio Shack catalog 
with me, but they used to make a nice little 12v 3A power supply, and it used 
to sell  for about $30 or $40.  I see a nice little 12V 4A power supply in 
Amateur Electronic Supply's current catalog.  It's the "AIM small power 
supply, model 38-384."  It sells for $39.99.  AES's number is 800-558-0411.  
Unless you get ambitious and build it yourself, I doubt if you're going to 
beat that price by very much.