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Re: Need DC Power supply help

> Then I saw a page on the web where a guy used LEDs for a
> night-light.  Used a 12VDC 500mA power supply he bought

That would be me!

> someplace for less than $5.  Clearly, he was not shopping at
> RadioShack.  I hear all the time of people using PC cooling
> fans.  These fans are small and quiet, but they generally take
> 3VDC or 12VDC power, and I don't know how to supply them.

Depends on how large you are looking for.   I see lots of
small fans.   

I got my inexpensive power supplies at 

They've got a bunch of fans listed.   I see a 5v DC fan, draws 100ma.
Cost is $7.95.     They've got a 12vDC fan, draws 100ma, cost is $6.95.

see the fans at:

For power supplies, they've got a 6v power supply, produces 800ma, 
for $2.95.   It would work just fine with the 5v fan.   They've got
a variety of 12v adapters, starting at $2.95.


This is a surplus place, so parts are pretty cheap.  I'd probably order two
or even three different fans, and see which one does the best job. 

While your ordering from them, you can pick up the LEDs needed for the 

Chuck Gadd