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Off topic: Badis badis won't eat

I know this is off topic, but I need help with this. 
If you can help, off list responses are fine by me.

Yesterday, I got a pair of Badis badis at my club
meeting.  I introduced them to my java moss and
salvinia choked ten gallon tank that houses only 4
platies.  I have offered the Badis quality flake foods
and live daphnia (fed with baster), but they have not
eaten.  I know they may still be adjusting, but it
still seems a bit odd, especially with the refusal of
live food.  I would put them in my planted 30, but
there's a rowdy bunch in there.  The tank they are in
now has neutralish water that is very clean due to the
full blown plant growth.  No excess ammonia or

Thanks, Cavan.

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