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Need DC Power supply help

A while back I had a cooling fan thread going.  I never did
solve my "cool and quiet" problem.  I built a hood for my
10 gallon with a 2x36 BrightKit that was mostly air.  I used
pegboard for the sides, because it has holes already drilled,
and the top was a grate made from walnut that only covered
about 20% of the area.  Even with this very light hood and
the ballast mounted outside the hood entirely those lights
heated the 10 up from 76 to 81 F during the day.  I'm currently
cooling it with a 10 inch Windmere clip-on fan, as seen at WalMart.
At least it is quieter than a RadioShack AC cooling fan, which
tends to have a high harmonic like a jet preparing for takeoff.

My problem is that I know nothing about electronics and a circuit
diagram looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics to me.  I went to
radio shack to see about power supplies.  Very expensive.  Draw
lots of power.  Make a lot of heat.  Not what I am looking for.

Then I saw a page on the web where a guy used LEDs for a
night-light.  Used a 12VDC 500mA power supply he bought
someplace for less than $5.  Clearly, he was not shopping at
RadioShack.  I hear all the time of people using PC cooling
fans.  These fans are small and quiet, but they generally take
3VDC or 12VDC power, and I don't know how to supply them.

Somebody have mercy and clue me in on where I can buy
a power supply that runs on 120VAC, outputs 12VDC with
enough amps to run a small fan, does not use a lot of power,
and doesn't get very hot.  Part numbers would be nice.
I'd be grateful.