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Re: Reinventing the CO2 Wheel

>D0N Dee wrote:
>1)Someone who is trying to save money will immediately balk at the prices 
>mentioned for the high quality regulators and might be turned off from 
>going the compressed CO2 way. What I think I need to do is put something 
>down in that article that shows the URL for the various CO2 setups that 
>people use,which is found at http://www.geocities.com/bwe407/poll.html.

Hey, a website that I missed!  What a terrific resource, Don; exactly what I 
need right now!  Frankly, I was ready to go into overkill mode.  I am now 
thinking I can live with and not worry about a prepackaged system from M3.

>Some regulators are better than others in not dumping.

The picture is still kinda fuzzy for me here.  It's my understanding that 2 
stage regulators are designed precisely to prevent dumping.  Will a 
one-stage regulator plus needle valve prevent dumping too? (I think Dave 
Gomberg would say no, but I'm not sure why.  Please, please, understand I'm 
not trying to start a flame war.  I'm just trying to understand the 
technology here).

>I want to update that article soon but with my friend's death I haven't had 
>much time for a lot of things.

Man, you don't owe me or anyone else an explanation.  I cannot express how 
helpful the site is in its present state.

>See http://www.victorhpi.com/ and look at the General Purpose Regulators 
>and the High Purity Regulators.

Missed that one.  Thanks!

>Hehehehhe... what will this consist of? Nickel-plated, High Purity, 
>Dual-stage, Dual-gauge regulator??   :D That's WAAAAYYYY overkill but I 
>guess it would be fun to have if you have money to burn.

Hey, its the American way!


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