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re: Has something happened?

At 03:48 AM 01/24/2001 -0500, Bill Bennett wrote:
>I am receiving archived list up to and including July, 2000. Has something
>happened to the archives?

If you're referrring to the website, I believe the problem is on your end.
 Is anyone else experiencing this?  (If so, please reply to me directly not
to the list.)  

Also, while I have your attention - remember that email to the APD sent
from an address other than your subscribed address will bounce into my file
13.   You cannot subscribe from one address and post from another.   Well,
you can but it's a waste of your time. :)
APD ListMom
(with the biiiig .sig)
http://www.metronet.com/~cyn      in north central Texas

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