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Re: Reinventing the CO2 Wheel

Chin See Ming wrote:
<<<Frankly, I was ready to go into overkill mode.  I am now
thinking I can live with and not worry about a prepackaged system from 

Nope. You don't need to have a prepackaged system at all. It'll take a 
little more running around to setup your own system but you might save money 
in doing it.

<<<It's my understanding that 2
stage regulators are designed precisely to prevent dumping.  Will a
one-stage regulator plus needle valve prevent dumping too? (I think Dave
Gomberg would say no, but I'm not sure why.

Yes and no. It will prevent dumping TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. If you look at the 
comparison chart for the regulators on the Aquabotanic site you'll notice 
that the 2 stage regulators have a smaller "outlet pressure rise" number. 
This means that 2 stage regulators will dump less but it WILL still dump.

I don't know about a needle valve preventing dumping. If you look at that 
geocities link I gave you and then click on the "low-pressure" link you'll 
see that Steve Dixon noticed a dump even w/ a metering valve. So I guess a 
dump is STILL possible w/ a metering/needle valve. Quite a few people using 
"low-pressure" systems have not seen this dump occur however. Either that or 
they just didn't speak up when that poll occured.

<<<>Hehehehhe... what will this consist of? Nickel-plated, High Purity,
>Dual-stage, Dual-gauge regulator??   :D That's WAAAAYYYY overkill but I 
>guess it would be fun to have if you have money to burn.

Hey, its the American way!

Hehehehe... something like that!

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