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Re: My last word on needle valves....

G: First I should say that as the seller of over 250 CO2 systems, it is my
guess that my system is the most widely used in this country.

What a tragedy.

G: I searched and searched for a proper needle valve that could be used in
connection with my high-pressure system for those who wanted a more
belt-and-suspenders approach to end-of-tank management.

I doubt that car manufacturers could get away with arguing that adding
brakes to their product after the fact is a belt-and-suspenders approach to
managing their product. Your system is proven to be unreliable. Why not just
be man enough to admit it and stop all this dissembling?

G: I left the valve in place overnight.   This AM, the hose connecting the
regulator to the Fabco valve had blown off the regulator and dumped the
whole CO2 cylinder.   The bad news of that is that I needed to go get a
refill, and I may have to rebuild my regulator.

So now you are suggesting that use of a needle valve will lead to
destruction of your regulator. What rot. A needle valve that screws into the
regulator is the standard installation. Try it, you might like it. Lose the
diffuser, it's an over-priced high-markup piece of equipment that should
never have come to market.

G: So all in all, I have to say the risks of a needle valve outweigh the
benefits FOR ME.   And I will not use one.   But you may come to a
different conclusion.   If you do and if you are a user of my system, send
an SASE with $.55 in stamps on it to me and I will send you free the
adaptors to connect your NV-55 to the green hose that comes in my system.

A defective fix for a defective system. How generous.

And that's all I have to say.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll