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Re: My last word on needle valves....

Dave Gomberg wrote:
> I left the valve in place overnight.   This AM, the hose connecting the
> regulator to the Fabco valve had blown off the regulator and dumped the
> whole CO2 cylinder.   The bad news of that is that I needed to go get a
> refill, and I may have to rebuild my regulator.

I don't have a co2 system yet, so I'm still trying to decide what I want.
My questions are: Don't most people have their needle valve attached to
their regulator, not connected with a hose?  What kind of hose is this and
how is it connected?  How did it blow off?  Did the threads strip or did the
hose tear completely?  And how could this hose blowing off be any worse than
an end of tank burp without a needle valve?  I don't understand how this
situation causes damage to your regulator that wouldn't be caused without a
needle valve...

Thanks for trying to find ways to improve your system, Dave!  What you might
find is your best bet, however, is to just inform people that are looking at
your system that adding a needle valve is something that they may or may not
want to do on their own and maybe point them to m3 or somewhere else that
you've found good needle valves...  (thinking about it, you probably don't
want to point them to your TMG competitor...  :-)
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
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