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Re: My last word on needle valves....

Tom wrote:
> What a tragedy.

This pretty well set the tone for your message...

> Your system is proven to be unreliable. 

I've got one of Dave's systems, running just fine.   Dave didn't invent the 
end-of-tank dump.   There is nothing unreliable IMO

> destruction of your regulator. What rot. A needle valve that screws into the
> regulator is the standard installation. Try it, you might like it. Lose the
> diffuser, it's an over-priced high-markup piece of equipment that should
> never have come to market.

Anyone that wants to can buy themselves a needle-valve and any needed adapters,
if they feel the system isn't what they need.   

I am a little confused as to why the hose came off when using the needle-valve,
unless the hose-barb on the needle-valve wasn't the right size.  The main
hose coming from the regulator on Dave's standard setup just uses a hose-barb,
and it stays put under the same kind of pressures...  Or was Dave running the
regulator output at a higher pressure with the needle-valve?

Chuck Gadd